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Mason Studio is a team of creative design professionals harnessing the power of a multi-disciplinary approach to create unified and captivating interior environments. With our net of talented specialists in interior, graphic, web and industrial design, we are able to capture the fundamental values of our clients from every angle to maximize the full potential of a project. We have a solid set of principles that guide our process. Whatever the situation, we fastidiously stay true to our core values to keep us in motion.

We sweat the small stuff

When we say subtle, we don’t mean simple. The constant challenge is taking a complex idea or problem and solving it in an understated way. Our designs are not a cluster of visual distractions, but a carefully curated narrative of ideas.

There is fun in seriousness

We’re serious about what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. A well-designed space should not only be functionally appropriate, but a total pleasure to be in. We involve eccentricity and humour in our process to create a story that gives you an experience to remember.

The art of collaboration

We learned to share at a young age. We open our design process to other creative professionals who bring their carefully honed skills to the table. Putting great minds together brings out the full potential in a project, creating holistic and cohesive design solutions.

Trends are yesterday

We don’t try to be in fashion. We create spaces that don’t fade quickly by dancing to the beat of our own drum. Through innovative problem solving and a solid design philosophy, we put ourselves in the driver’s seat of the band wagon instead of hitching a ride.

The Team




Ashley and Stanley met as fledglings in design school and formed an immediate bond, sharing one mind in design values, aspirations and the inability to accept status quo. They grew and evolved together, constantly changing paths but always on the same track. In their travels, they have seen what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t. Mason Studio was born as the child of their experiences. Over the years, they have come to fully respect the level of skill and dedication that is required in the process of any design. They are devoted to their professional craft, like a Mason is to his.

Ashley Rumsey

is a specialist in design and visual arts through studies at leading Canadian and Australian institutions. She has worked with multiple top Canadian design firms on projects in the United States, South America, Europe and the Middle East. She was a lead designer for a highly respected Toronto & New York based studio designing and managing large scale hospitality, retail and residential projects.

Stanley Sun

is trained in design, fine arts and sciences from multiple academic institutions across Canada and Asia, and an instructor of interior design at Ryerson University. He has worked for respected firms in North America, Europe and South East Asia and held the position of Lead Designer for a London, UK based multi-disciplinary design studio. He has developed numerous cross-disciplinary brand solutions for retail shops, exhibitions, hotels, commercial offices and concept spaces.




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Private Residence


Interior Design Show


MM Cafe


TIFF digiPlaySpace


World Trade Centre


Junction Design Crawl


Toronto Design Offsite Festival



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best of Toronto winner


Voted Best Design Firm in Toronto!

We’re in shock! Mason Studio was voted best Interior Design Firm in Toronto by NOW Magazine reader. Thanks to all for your support.

best of Toronto


Nominated Best Design Firm in Toronto!

We are honored to be nominated for the second year running as Toronto’s Best Design Firm! Click here to go to the NOW Magazine website to cast your vote.


mason studio design exchange


Emerging Interior Designer

Mason Studio is voted Emerging Interior Design Firm by Canada’s Design Exchange. We are so honored by the nomination and win!

mason studio public engagement discussion


A0 Panel Discussion Vol.2

Along with our friends at ALSO Collective, Mason Studio hosts the second panel discussion on Public and Community Engagement Through Design at the University of Toronto.



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